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WalkComfort Shock Absorbing and Arch Support Insoles Green

WalkComfort Shock Absorbing and Arch Support Insoles Green

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WalkComfort Shock Absorbing and Arch Support Insoles Green

Manufactured with medical grade TPE material, the Insole is capable of absorbing extreme pressure and distributes the weight across the sole.

Long duration of job in standing or walking will create innumerable pressure on the arch area of the feet. This insole is designed to reduce the pain for people who have long hours of standing jobs.

A. Unisex design

The insole is designed to use for both men and women. The design is neutral and hence great wearing comfort can be experienced.

B. Heel Pad

Heel pad cushion is created with TPE material, which is having great cushioning effect than of EVA material. The heel pad is placed between the insole and outsole is designed to absorb body pressure.

C. Medical grade foot insole

Medical grade foot insole helps to reduce the pain on the foot and absorb the pressure points and evenly distribute the wait along the insole. This is ideal for daily wear and sport shoe.

  • Anonymous user ( 2015-05-26 09:58:28 )

    This store provides reliable service at the lowest cost for comfortable shoe inserts. thanks!

  • Anonymous user ( 2015-05-21 14:10:57 )

    i was defintely hesitant to buy these insoles i suffer from shin splints and knee pain these insoles have corrected my running and abosrb alot of shock but you defintely want to make sure you have a high arch because there is so much support for the arch i have a size 9 shoe they fit in perfect very satisfied

  • Anonymous user ( 2015-05-15 15:35:37 )

    These insoles have been great. I had been having problems after every time I played basketball - I was usually okay for the rest of the day, but by the next morning I felt like I could barely walk. I bought new basketball shoes and put these right in, and I've been playing almost every week for the last two months without any issues.

  • Anonymous user ( 2015-05-13 16:19:51 )

    I have very high arches. These provide more arch support that most store bought insoles. They also have a cupped heal which helps with tracking your strides so they are straight.

  • Anonymous user ( 2015-04-14 15:57:58 )

    All walkcomfort insoles are good products, I feel much more stronger and energenic.

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